Summer of Possibilities

Maria Berno enjoying the cool spray from Shannon Falls. / Route: Spirit of Squamish 5.8 / Photo: Alex Ratson

Traditional Climbing Collection

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Women's Katana Lace
La Sportiva
$191.00 USD
Men's Katana Lace
La Sportiva
$191.00 USD
GigaJul Belay Device
$58.00 USD
Dragon Cams
from $92.00 USD
Dragonfly Micro Cam
$88.00 USD

Sport Climbing Collection

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9.1mm Joker Unicore Dry Rope
from $267.00 USD
9.5 Crag Classic Duodess Rope
$199.00 USD
Kit Corax, Grigri, Sm'D Triact
$180.00 USD
Sirius Lace
from $153.00 USD
Moonlight 35L Pack
Blue Ice
$184.00 USD

Multi-day Packs

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Stache 60L Pack
Blue Ice
$252.00 USD
Stache 90L Pack
Blue Ice
$290.00 USD
AMG 55L Backpack
Mountain Hardwear
$382.00 USD
AMG 75L Backpack
Mountain Hardwear
$397.00 USD
AMG 105 Backpack
Mountain Hardwear
$420.00 USD

Alpine Packs

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Women's Distance 15 Backpack
Black Diamond
$172.00 USD
Distance 22 Backpack
Black Diamond
$191.00 USD
Dragonfly 26L Pack
Blue Ice
$115.00 USD
Firecrest 38L Pack
Blue Ice
$176.00 USD
Alpine Light 50 Backpack
Mountain Hardwear
$298.00 USD

Colours Of Summer

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Men's Wander S/S
The North Face
$42.00 USD
Men's Bleauser Short
La Sportiva
$92.00 USD
Women's Lead In Bralette
The North Face
$65.00 USD
Women's Dune Sky 9" Tight Short
The North Face
$65.00 USD
Women's Dawndream Muscle Tee
The North Face
$50.00 USD
2023 Buying Guide

Helmet Buying Guide

A climbing helmet is a vital tool to protect your head from falling debris and direct impact during a climbing fall. We break down everything you need to know from how to fit a helmet, helmet materials, what helmets are (and aren't) certified for, and what we've got in shop.
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Tech Tip

Squamish Bouldering Circuits

Climbers are obsessed with lists, they're everywhere with books and websites dedicated to them. and are giant lists of your own climbing accomplishments and tick lists.
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