Knowledge Articles

Tent Gear Guide
Since the Golden Age in The Valley, manufacturers have been refining their products and are now offering a wide range of tent options for a spectrum of activities from car camping to high altitude climbing. The abundance of options can make the buying process complicated, so we wanted to offer some insights into the world of tents.
Carabiner Gear Guide
Carabiners come in a variety of shapes and sizes, are designed for different purposes and have become very specialized over recent years. This guide is designed to help the reader understand which carabiner is best suited to which application and to help them make an informed purchase. 
Mountain Boots Gear Guide

So you're looking for a pair of mountain boots. Maybe you want to summit Denali or maybe you want to tackle the famous WI5+ La Pomme d'Or. Maybe you just want to have a shot at Garibaldi next summer. If you have already started shopping, you've likely noticed the numerous designs available on today's market, but might be confused by the abundance of options.

Crash Pad Gear Guide
Crash pads are for landing on. Once upon a time, hardcore boulderers just used a dirty rag as a landing zone. After a few hectic falls and broken hips, the climbers of lore realized that padding might be nice to have on the ground. Things have advanced a bit since then.
Climbing Rope Guide

Your rope is your lifeline and, when it comes to climbing, it's arguably the most important piece of safety gear. So, it makes sense to know what you need out of a rope. In this article we discuss the key features, decision points, and end uses when selecting your next rope.

Skin Care Guide

The issue that troubles the majority of sport climbers and boulderers is tip skin. It can kill the psyche immediately if when you pull off the ground for the first move your tips are screaming in pain. So let's talk about how to best deal with that as well as touch on a few techniques for dealing with pockets, cracks and some other skin ruining monsters.

Cam Gear Guide
Due to the ease and convenience of quickly selecting, placing, and removing cams, and with their superior performance in parallel cracks, cams are the staple of the modern day crack climbing rack.
Climbing Shoe Fit Guide
Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned rock jock, climbing shoes have the biggest impact on your performance and enjoyment on the rock. It’s the only thing you can pay for that can automatically make you a better climber.