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La Sportiva G-Tech Mountaineering Boot Review

The evolution of ice climbing and mountaineering gear has been focused on light weight ice screws and technical tools that can handle steep terrain. The demand for technical boots that can perform in highly technical terrain has increased and La Sportiva has responded with the G-tech.

Climbing Harness Review 2022
All the harnesses in this review will perform beyond your expectations which is why they were selected; however, we will look at the differences and explain their unique features.
Sport Climbing Rope Review 2021
Sport climbing only requires a few key pieces of gear;  shoes, harness, belay device, draws, chalk and most essentially a rope. This review focuses on six of the best available for the 2021 season.
Bouldering Shoe Review 2021
Every spring the latest bouldering shoes hit the shelves with claims of better performance, new technologies and amazing designs. We have hand selected six of the best new products to arrive in 2021 and have headed out bouldering to test these shoes.
Best Hangboards for Training
Looking to improve your finger strength? Hangboards have become a fixture at every gym across the world. This simple tool can be mounted at home to allow easy access to training when you are strapped for time to go to your nearest gym.