Rental Gear

We guarantee stock availability! Climb On Equipment rents gear for your Climbing and Alpine needs! We have a large selection of available rental equipment, so there is no need to make a reservation. We will always have stock available for any of the items we rent, with the exception of Crampons, Ice Axes and Technical Ice Climbing Tools. They are first-come, first served.

Rental Rates

Equipment 1st Day Cost Evening / Add a Day Cost / Kids
Climbing Shoes $10 $6
Harness $10 $6
Helmet $5 $3
Boulder Pads $25 $15
Mountaineering Crampons $10 $6
Mountaineering Ice Axe $10 $6
Waterfall Crampons (Limited supply) $25 $15
Ice Climbing Tools (Limited supply) $25 $15

Kids/Youth Rentals

We rent kids' climbing shoes, harness, and helmets. Kids age 12 and under will get the Kids Rate, even for their first day! The Kids' Half Day rate does not include bouldering pads.

Evening (4 hours before closing time)

Half day rentals are for rentals made within 4 hours of closing time and must be returned the same day (before the store closes).

Extra Day Rate

For every consecutive day, after the first day, you pay the "ADD A DAY" rate. For example, a 2 day bouldering pad rental would be $40, $25 for the first day and $15 for each day after that.

Guided Group Rate

Are you a guide looking to rent a large amount of gear for your clients? Please call or e-mail us for Reservations. We do not accept reservations for individual items. This is for large bulk rental gear; to make it easy for you to pick up in the morning before a course you're instructing. Feel free to contact us by email or phone to make reservations.

  1. Guides will get 40% OFF rentals when providing gear for their clients on guided trips or instructional courses. *(The same as the add a day rate, but for first day or consecutive days).
  2. Mid-week Group Special: For large mid-week groups (excluding holidays) guides can get a bulk bin of up to 30 items for $100. Great for school groups or clubs!
  3. Guides must be renting the gear and paying on one bill.
  4. Staff members will ask for your Certification / Member number upon Rental Pickup.

FREE Rentals

Individual members of the following sections or course participants will get free* rental equipment on a 'first come first served' basis. Please have your membership number or identification available and be prepared to provide proof of course itinerary when picking up your rental items.

  • Alpine Club of Canada (ACC)
  • BelayAll Collective
  • Indigenous Life Sport Academy (ILSA)
  • Mountain Mentors
  • South Asian Climbers Coalition (SACC)
  • Van Queer Climbers (VQC)

*This offer is only valid for use on an organized course and does not apply to members of the above groups' recreational use. Pre-Authorization will be requested. If reservations are required for guided group courses, please see our guided group rates above.

Pre-Authorization on Pick Up

  • All rental gears will require pre-authorization on your credit card.
  • You are responsible for returning all rental equipment in good, working condition. If the equipment you return is damaged or needs repair, you're responsible for those costs. You will be charged the Replacement Value Cost for lost, stolen, or destroyed rental equipment.

Pick Up and Returns

  • Rentals can be picked up any time during store hours.
  • Full Day Rental: pick up and return the same day (Hours: Open to Close)
  • Afternoon Rental: pick up and return the same day (Hours: afternoon within 4 hours of closing time)
  • Multi-Day Rental: pick up the first day and return on specified date (Hours: Open to Close)

Last update: Mar 31, 2024