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Gifts for Christmas

Do you have a climber in your life and want to buy them a thoughtful gift this Christmas, but don't know where to start? Don't worry, we can help you make the perfect gift decision this holiday season with our Gift for Climbers Guide.

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Classic Ice Climbs In SWBC

The southwest of BC isn't renowned for its world-class ice climbing but spend a little time digging deeper and when the Goldilocks conditions arrive the ice can be spectacular and often unexplored. 

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Glacier Travel Kit

Gaining access to routes guarded by snow and ice often leads climbers to learn the nuances of glacial travel. The importance of knowing self-rescue becomes evident when standing in front of a gaping crevasse or while walking a sagging snow bridge that no one wants to cross! 

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What's Your Approach?

Have you ever felt like a beast of burden carrying a giant alpine pack loaded with gear, food and camping supplies? Huge, heavy packs often limit objectives. Let's look at some lighter weight gear options to help shave off the grams, so you can enjoy moving through stunning mountain terrain without enduring a crushing approach.

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