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A Journey Through the Climbing Disciplines with Bronwyn Hodgins
From Big Walls to Endurance Test Pieces. Join Bronwyn, a Wild Country climbing athlete, as she takes us through her journey across the climbing disciplines.
What's Your Approach?
Author: Katy H. Bugaboos Climbing Kits Have you ever felt like a beast of burden carrying a giant alpine pack loaded with gear, food and camping supplies? By the time you arrive at camp your hips are bruised and you...
Petzl Neox
The Petzl NEOX A new belay device that combines the security of an internal camming mechanism, which pinches the rope, with the ease of a wheel to feed slack. The NEOX was recently launched by Petzl, so we unboxed one...
Edelrid Ohm II
Take a deeper dive into the updated Edelrid Ohm II. This unique and innovative product allows teams with major weight differences to climb together more easily. Watch Edelrid rep Anna Campbell breakdown when and how to use it. The Updated...
Elements of a Sport Climbing Shoe
Shoe guru Tyrone dives into the world of sport climbing shoes, unravelling the key elements while offering examples suitable for different climber abilities and climbing styles. In this video, Ty offers shoe model recommendations for those advancing into higher grades,...
Authorized Climbing Shoe Resole
Why Resole Your Climbing Shoes Resoling climbing shoes extends their life, maintaining the performance and fit you've grown accustomed to. Over time, the rubber on the soles wears down, reducing grip and decreases their performance. Resoling replaces the worn rubber, restoring the...
Project Pride Squamish 2024
Project Pride Squamish is a community bouldering event open to the 2SLGBTQ+ community and allies. This unique gathering aims to unite climbers in celebration of the sport while emphasizing inclusion and diversity. Now in its second annual anniversary, we spent the day with the organizer Michelle LeBlanc to capture the vibe in a short video.
New Arrivals Spring 2024
What’s New In-Store? The new 2024 toys have started arriving. There are too many to show them all, so we picked out a few of our favourites. Watch Climb On staff member Eric H as he introduces a few things...
Bouldering Shoe Line Up 2024
Tyrone is back and this time he's looking at the Climb On bouldering shoe line up for 2024. Watch Ty introduce our shoe selection from La Sportiva, Scarpa, Unparallel, Boreal, Tenaya and Evolv. With dozens and dozens of climbing shoes...
Golden Carabiner Scavenger Hunt
Golden Carabiner Hunt  Brought to you by Black Diamond in partnership with Climb On Equipment. A Squamish Access Society (SAS) fundraiser Come join Black Diamond & Climb On Equipment this summer for the Golden Carabiner Scavenger hunt. Spend the day hunting down...
Headlamps for Climbers
Watch your local Petzl rep Ross Mailloux break down the lineup of Petzl headlamps. With a huge array of headlamps available on the market today it can be confusing to select which one is best suited to you and your...
Climbing Reflections - 2024
Throughout the year, we delve into the intertwined narratives of ascents and existential reflections. Through captivating imagery and poignant tales, we explore thoughts, ideas, and concepts from various fields of literature and philosophy, ranging from the humorous to the profound....
Climbing Shoe Fit Guide
Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned rock jock, climbing shoes have the biggest impact on your performance and enjoyment on the rock. It’s the only thing you can pay for that can automatically make you a better climber.
The Progressor 200 - Track Your Finger Strength
  The Progressor 200 is a portable training tool designed to track climbers' finger strength.This new sleek device, scientifically known as a dynamometer, calculates your muscular strength with precise force readings while training. It is lightweight, robust and seamlessly connects...
Crash Pad Gear Guide
Crash pads are for landing on. Once upon a time, hardcore boulderers just used a dirty rag as a landing zone. After a few hectic falls and broken hips, the climbers of lore realized that padding might be nice to have on the ground. Things have advanced a bit since then.
Elements of a Bouldering Shoe
Watch product manager and renowned route developer Tyrone Brett break down the key elements of a bouldering shoe. We stock shoes for traditional climbing, sport climbing and specifically for both indoor and outdoor bouldering. If you are looking for the...
Portable Training Products
Watch product Manager Yuki Kuroda break down the selection of portable training products we have available.
Reel Rock 18 - Coming to Squamish
On Feb 20th and 21st 2024, we are hosting Reel Rock 18 at the Eagle Eye Theatre in Squamish, BC. Come experience 4 amazing new films from the premier global platform for award-winning climbing films.
Injury Prevention for Climbers
Sustaining injuries is an unfortunate aspect of climbing, given the considerable stress it imposes on the entire human body. It's virtually inevitable that climbers who engage in regular training will encounter a range of discomforts, from minor aches and pains to more severe strains or injuries throughout their lifetime. Accidents are an inherent risk, and unless one possesses the ability to time travel, complete avoidance is improbable. This article delves into the various themes surrounding injuries and, more significantly, offers strategic insights to help prevent injuries in the first place. Additionally, it explores the most prevalent types of injuries that impact climbers.
Training Resources
So, you purchased your first hangboard, pull block, or training bar and are determined to get stronger. The question is, where to start and how best to focus your limited time and energy?
Unrivalled Excellence: Why Western Mountaineering Sleeping Bags Are Worth the Investment
In the realm of outdoor gear, where high-quality choices are common amongst outdoor equipment brands, Western Mountaineering stands out as a beacon of excellence, going above and beyond what many consider high quality. The brand's sleeping bags, renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and performance, have become a favourite among a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts and professionals.