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Squamish Bouldering Circuits
Climbers are obsessed with lists, they're everywhere with books and websites dedicated to them. and are giant lists of your own climbing accomplishments and tick lists.
Train with Precision

There is an overwhelming mass of information on how to progress your climbing; but it's usually generalized protocols written for everybody, that are best for nobody. To begin building your map to stronger climbing, you need a way to cut through the noise and understand your own unique climber profile.

Training Resources
So, you purchased your first hangboard, pull block, or training bar and are determined to get stronger. The question is, where to start and how best to focus your limited time and energy?
An Understatement of Ice

No matter how you describe the amount and quality of ice climbing in Quebec, it will be an understatement. While the Canadian Rockies often receives admiration and visits from around the world for its ice lines, the Quebec ice community plays on hundreds of quality lines that reliably form every year.

La Sportiva G-Tech Mountaineering Boot Review

The evolution of ice climbing and mountaineering gear has been focused on light weight ice screws and technical tools that can handle steep terrain. The demand for technical boots that can perform in highly technical terrain has increased and La Sportiva has responded with the G-tech.

Striking a Balance

Striking a balance between when to go and when to stay is never easy. The reassuring "thunk" of a secure ice tool above your head lures you into having the confidence to step upwards again and again. While the cold seeping into your puffy jacket at each belay reminds you you're getting further away from home.

Alpine Favourites
Our “home hill” in Squamish is the Sky Pilot group. It's a tiny group of relatively small mountains, but, the terrain that's packed in there, combined with the easy access, is incredible. Because the rock in the area is a mix of granite and metamorphic rock that's much younger, it has a different characteristic than much of the Sea to Sky...
Waking Up in the Alpine

Waking up to witness mother nature's beauty as the first light makes the mountains glow is one of the most memorable alpine climbing moments. Sunset or sunrise light makes the mountains burst with red light and capturing these moments in images is a passion of Lukas Mann.

The Humble Sling

The humble sling is a simple piece of webbing that every climber has used since day one of their climbing career. Every climber owns at least one sling, and for good reason. This amazing, versatile tool, with a bit of knowledge, can perform many different roles in your climbing systems.

Tent Gear Guide
Since the Golden Age in The Valley, manufacturers have been refining their products and are now offering a wide range of tent options for a spectrum of activities from car camping to high altitude climbing. The abundance of options can make the buying process complicated, so we wanted to offer some insights into the world of tents.
Climbing Harness Review 2022
All the harnesses in this review will perform beyond your expectations which is why they were selected; however, we will look at the differences and explain their unique features.
Carabiner Gear Guide
Carabiners come in a variety of shapes and sizes, are designed for different purposes and have become very specialized over recent years. This guide is designed to help the reader understand which carabiner is best suited to which application and to help them make an informed purchase. 
Mountain Boots Gear Guide

So you're looking for a pair of mountain boots. Maybe you want to summit Denali or maybe you want to tackle the famous WI5+ La Pomme d'Or. Maybe you just want to have a shot at Garibaldi next summer. If you have already started shopping, you've likely noticed the numerous designs available on today's market, but might be confused by the abundance of options.

Moving Through Mountains: Nick Elson
Explore the process and mindset of sponsored athletes that break records — Nick Elson and Jessie McAuley — and what they went through to complete the full Tantalus Traverse.
Ice Accessories
Ice climbing is a gear intensive sport with two technical axes, double boots and crampons as part of the basic kit. Swings in temperature & moisture require a good layering system. Trips start before dawn and often venture into remote avalanche terrain. All these factors require more gear!
Lines that Inspire: Bronwyn and Jacob
Peek into the minds of Squamish crusher couple, Bronwyn Hodgins and Jacob Cook, as they share their stories of putting up and sending hard multi-pitch trad routes.
Five Anchors You Should Know
Being able to build a climbing anchor with traditional gear, both safely and efficiently, is a fundamental skill for climbing in Squamish. This post looks at five anchors that should be in your tool box. Each anchor has pros and cons and knowing when to pull out each tool will take experience.
Getting the Send: Vikki Weldon
Meet La Sportiva Athlete Vikki Weldon as she explains her journey to successfully claim an ascent of Spirit of the West, which is perhaps one of the best 5.14a found in Squamish, BC.
Training. Staying Stoked.
Watch "Training. Staying Stoked." Training for climbing requires hours of dedication, the right training equipment, recovery tools and skin care, so you can send your climbing project.
Sport Climbing Rope Review 2021
Sport climbing only requires a few key pieces of gear;  shoes, harness, belay device, draws, chalk and most essentially a rope. This review focuses on six of the best available for the 2021 season.
Bouldering Shoe Review 2021
Every spring the latest bouldering shoes hit the shelves with claims of better performance, new technologies and amazing designs. We have hand selected six of the best new products to arrive in 2021 and have headed out bouldering to test these shoes.