Climb On is proud to be a part of the growing climbing community. We support local organizations and individuals that work towards the betterment of the community as a whole. The work of these organizations can be seen everywhere from solving access issues, representing climbers at a government level, building trails, developing routes, sharing climbing knowledge to helping diversify the sport as a whole. We are proud to call the following organizations below, Friends of Climb On Equipment. We encourage you to support our friends and work towards a community that supports and lifts up all those involved.

Community Discounts

In an effort to recognize the role that certain professions and volunteers have in maintaining the sports and communities that we live and play in, we are happy to offer a 15% Community Appreciation Discount.

We also value the countless hours of volunteer work that access groups and individual route developers alike put into equipping new routes, crags and keeping existing routes safe for our community. This arduous work is a true labour of love, often financed out of pocket by the individual route developer. To help ease the financial burden of developing and maintaining crags, we are offering a Bulk Hardware Discount.

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Cam Re-Slinging Service
We are helping to facilitate a cam re-slinging service!
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Friends of Climb On Equipment

The Squamish Access Society (SAS)

SAS is committed to advocating for respectful stewardship of the cliffs and crags within the Sea to Sky region. This volunteer organization relies on membership and donations so they can advocate on your behalf; to keep and gain access to the finite climbing areas we love. SAS also retro bolts older lines that are in need of upkeep and maintenance; to keep us safe at the crags we love.

Sea to Sky Route Development Fund

This non-profit website supports the Sea to Sky Route Development Fund - a Go Fund Me initiative supporting local route developers. If you enjoy climbing in the Sea To Sky - please consider donating to the fund. This is a grassroots website. It’s purpose is to act as a central database for new route information - a place to come for the latest, freshly cleaned routes and topos for recently developed crags which anyone can access and use as they see fit.

Climbers' Access Society of British Columbia (CASBC)

Historically, the access work of CASBC was through individual stakeholders interested in protecting an area. Within the last ten years, the number of areas and stakeholders increased to the point where it became prudent to develop local climbing organizations to work on issues in their individual communities. We encourage you to support both your local access societies and the provincial wide body, CASBC.

CASBC is only the Provincial body exclusively dedicated to promoting and gaining access to the crags, cliffs and boulders of BC. Please add your voice by becoming a member today; increased CASBC membership brings more influence to bear upon access issues important to the climbing community.

The Alpine Club of Canada (ACC)

The Alpine Club of Canada has 25 local sections across the country from Newfoundland and Labrador to Vancouver Island and the Yukon. Their vision and mission is to bring together, and give voice to, Canada’s mountaineering community. The Alpine Club of Canada promotes alpine experiences, knowledge and culture; responsible access; and excellence in mountain skills and leadership. They have been passionate about climbing, hiking and skiing in alpine environments for over 100 years. Please join them.

Indigenous Life Sport Academy (ILSA)

ILSA provides year-round programming, free access to training/certification programs and the opportunity to learn a lifelong sport (like climbing, snowboarding, skateboarding, biking, hiking and golf), in a safe place, with other Indigenous Sport Leaders. ILSA strives to create social change and provide a healthy, sport-based outlet to assist in the relief of conscious and subconscious stresses induced by intergenerational trauma within Indigenous communities. Learn more about their programs by visiting their site. Link is below.

Van Queer Climbers

Van Queer Climbers is a local BC-based group working towards a future in which LGBTQIA2S+ people are included, represented, and overtly welcomed into all climbing spaces. They are dedicated to fostering representation and programs in climbing that reflect the diverse communities we live in.

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Mountain Mentors

Mountain Mentors facilitates one-on-one mentorship. Each season, they pair mentees and mentors and provide the programming necessary to empower pairs to define their intentions and objectives and to experience growth. In addition to one-on-one mentorships, at the heart of what they do is community. Their program offerings seek to energize, deepen, strengthen, and grow community both in our cohort and broader outdoors community.

Black Sheep Adventure Sports

Black Sheep Adventure Sports are local gear-heads and guides who have combined to offer independent reviews on mountain equipment and independent guiding experiences. It’s not often we meet people who geek out harder on the latest toys but these guys and gals review gear across brands and mountain disciplines so you can trust their advice.

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Ground Up Climbing Centre

Our local climbing gym is a focal point of the community, they promote community engagement through indoor climbing, create an inclusive space for climbers of all levels to learn, train and grow. They encourage youth participation through programs and opportunities and provide comprehensive climbing education that allows for good habits. They also have some of the best setting anywhere with a world class team to build routes and problems.

Grand Wall Bouldering Co-op

If focused training is your jam this is the spot for you. The Grand Wall Bouldering co-op features dedicated training tools for its members and 24hour key access.

Core Climber

Squamish local, Bouldering World Champion and professional climbing coach Christian Core has made his training expertise available to climbers worldwide through the custom-built remote coaching platform Used by climbers of all levels, from those new to training through to professional athletes such as Laura Ragora, every program is packed with exercise videos and built-in timers, so you can bring Christian’s coaching sessions to the gym with you!

West Coast Canyoning Adventures

West Coast Canyoning Adventures is the first and only certified Canyoning Operator on the West Coast of Canada. Their goal is to establish West Coast Canyoning Adventures as a new benchmark for canyoning education, promoting experiential learning by keeping its students actively engaged in an appropriately challenged and mindful experience.