Close up of a female ice climber kicking her crampons into the ice of a frozen waterfall


      When tackling technical or vertical ice, mountaineering, glacier travel, summer, or winter objectives, or all of the above, we've got the crampons to keep you moving forward. Plus, our selection of parts and accessories can help to customize your crampons for your specific needs, along with crampon pouches will keep the rest of your gear dry.
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      Gear Up with Alpine and Ice Crampons at Climb On Equipment

      Get straight to the point of your winter climbs with Climb On Equipment’s range of crampons. We stock what Canadian climbers need: solid, dependable gear for ice, snow, and rock.

      Speciality Crampons from Technical Ice and Mixed Climbing to Lightweight Glacier Crossing Models

      Our Crampons are all about matching the technical needs of your objective, they offer performance and reliability no matter where you are headed, featuring top-notch brands like Black Diamond, Blue IceCAMP, Edelrid, Grivel, and Petzl.

      Dive into our Crampon selection at Climb On Equipment. Here, it’s all about quality gear that meets the demands of climbers. Gear up and get out there.