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Classic Ice Climbs In Southwest BC

The southwest of BC isn't renowned for its world-class ice climbing but spend a little time digging deeper and when the Goldilocks conditions arrive the ice can be spectacular and often unexplored. 

The Goat Whisperer
Author: Eric H Luc Kennedy takes in the thank god hold after completing the crux of P6. All that remains above is cruiser 5.10. Photo: Alex Ratson Inspiration... What drives climbers to seek out a first ascent? The idea of hanging...
An Understatement of Ice

No matter how you describe the amount and quality of ice climbing in Quebec, it will be an understatement. While the Canadian Rockies often receives admiration and visits from around the world for its ice lines, the Quebec ice community plays on hundreds of quality lines that reliably form every year.

Striking a Balance

Striking a balance between when to go and when to stay is never easy. The reassuring "thunk" of a secure ice tool above your head lures you into having the confidence to step upwards again and again. While the cold seeping into your puffy jacket at each belay reminds you you're getting further away from home.

Alpine Favourites
Our “home hill” in Squamish is the Sky Pilot group. It's a tiny group of relatively small mountains, but, the terrain that's packed in there, combined with the easy access, is incredible. Because the rock in the area is a mix of granite and metamorphic rock that's much younger, it has a different characteristic than much of the Sea to Sky...
Waking Up in the Alpine

Waking up to witness mother nature's beauty as the first light makes the mountains glow is one of the most memorable alpine climbing moments. Sunset or sunrise light makes the mountains burst with red light and capturing these moments in images is a passion of Lukas Mann.

Moving Through Mountains: Nick Elson
Explore the process and mindset of sponsored athletes that break records — Nick Elson and Jessie McAuley — and what they went through to complete the full Tantalus Traverse.
Lines that Inspire: Bronwyn and Jacob
Peek into the minds of Squamish crusher couple, Bronwyn Hodgins and Jacob Cook, as they share their stories of putting up and sending hard multi-pitch trad routes.
Getting the Send: Vikki Weldon
Meet La Sportiva Athlete Vikki Weldon as she explains her journey to successfully claim an ascent of Spirit of the West, which is perhaps one of the best 5.14a found in Squamish, BC.