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Authorized Climbing Shoe Resole
Why Resole Your Climbing Shoes Resoling climbing shoes extends their life, maintaining the performance and fit you've grown accustomed to. Over time, the rubber on the soles wears down, reducing grip and decreases their performance. Resoling replaces the worn rubber, restoring the...
Injury Prevention for Climbers
Sustaining injuries is an unfortunate aspect of climbing, given the considerable stress it imposes on the entire human body. It's virtually inevitable that climbers who engage in regular training will encounter a range of discomforts, from minor aches and pains to more severe strains or injuries throughout their lifetime. Accidents are an inherent risk, and unless one possesses the ability to time travel, complete avoidance is improbable. This article delves into the various themes surrounding injuries and, more significantly, offers strategic insights to help prevent injuries in the first place. Additionally, it explores the most prevalent types of injuries that impact climbers.
Training Resources
So, you purchased your first hangboard, pull block, or training bar and are determined to get stronger. The question is, where to start and how best to focus your limited time and energy?
Skin Care For Indoor Climbers
Rhino Skin Solutions has developed products that help prepare, heal and recover your skin for both indoor training and outdoor climbing. Climber's skin is one of the key tools that can limit performance and reduce the ability to train.
Why Go Fast and Light?

Fast and Light Petzl Athlete Colin Haley beautifully argues the freedom of being lighter. Lighter is always better, right? Perhaps not, and you’ll be surprised to know it’s not for reasons you may think.

Glacier Travel Kit
Gaining access to routes guarded by snow and ice often leads climbers to learn the nuances of glacial travel. The importance of knowing self-rescue becomes evident when standing in front of a gaping crevasse or while walking a sagging snow...
What's Your Approach?
The intent of this article is to showcase some lighter weight gear options, demonstrate how to shave off the grams, and demonstrate an attainable pack weight for 3 different styles of approaches to climbing in the Bugaboos.  We hope this list demonstrates examples of clothing to keep you comfortable and gear to keep you safe at weights that add up to a little less, so you can enjoy moving through stunning mountain terrain without enduring a crushing approach
Squamish Bouldering Circuits
Climbers are obsessed with lists, they're everywhere with books and websites dedicated to them. and are giant lists of your own climbing accomplishments and tick lists.
Train with Precision

There is an overwhelming mass of information on how to progress your climbing; but it's usually generalized protocols written for everybody, that are best for nobody. To begin building your map to stronger climbing, you need a way to cut through the noise and understand your own unique climber profile.

The Humble Sling

The humble sling is a simple piece of webbing that every climber has used since day one of their climbing career. Every climber owns at least one sling, and for good reason. This amazing, versatile tool, with a bit of knowledge, can perform many different roles in your climbing systems.

Ice Accessories
Ice climbing is a gear intensive sport with two technical axes, double boots and crampons as part of the basic kit. Swings in temperature & moisture require a good layering system. Trips start before dawn and often venture into remote avalanche terrain. All these factors require more gear!
Five Anchors You Should Know
Being able to build a climbing anchor with traditional gear, both safely and efficiently, is a fundamental skill for climbing in Squamish. This post looks at five anchors that should be in your tool box. Each anchor has pros and cons and knowing when to pull out each tool will take experience.
Bouldering: The Essentials
Bouldering requires less equipment and focuses on difficulty, not the length of the climb. This post looks at the essential items needed for your next trip into the Squamish boulders.