Bouldering Shoe Line Up 2024

Bouldering Shoe Line Up 2024

Tyrone is back and this time he's looking at the Climb On bouldering shoe line up for 2024. Watch Ty introduce our shoe selection from La Sportiva, Scarpa, Unparallel, Boreal, Tenaya and Evolv.

With dozens and dozens of climbing shoes to pick from it can be overwhelming to narrow down a shoe just right for you, your climbing style and foot shape. We have selected bouldering shoes from all the major brands and brought them in for you to try on.

Ty's Top Bouldering Shoe's for 2024

It would be impossible to cover them all in one video so here are Ty's picks.
  • La Sportiva Solution Men's Solution & Women's SolutionA high performance climbing shoe purposely built to provide the solution for modern bouldering problems.

  • La Sportiva Men's Solution Comp & Women's Solution CompThe Solution Comp is a softer and more sensitive re-boot on the original fan-favorite Solution

  • La Sportiva Men's Skwama VeganWomen's Skwama Vegan: Skwama Vegan takes La Sportiva's most adaptable high-performance climbing shoe and makes it vegan.

  • Scarpa Men's Instinct VS & Women's Instinct VS: The Instinct VS features an ultra-precise and sensitive design, that allows for responsive feedback on rock with invisible footholds.

  • Scarpa Instinct VSRA more supple version of the award-winning Instinct VS, the Instinct VSR features Vibram® Grip2 rubber.

  • Scarpa Arpia & Arpia LV The Arpia is a versatile shoe suited for both indoor and outdoor climbing that can be sized both for performance or comfort. 

  • Unparallel Flagship & Unparallel Flagship LVThe Flagship is all-encompassing, from pinpoint precision work on outdoor boulders, to low-percentage toe hooks in competition finals.

  • Boreal Men's Satori & Women's SatoriThe Satori is built on a highly downturned and asymmetric last with a soft midsole for a high level of sensitivity and technical ability.

  • Boreal Men's Alpha & Women's AlphaSuperb value for money and very comfortable with a semi-asymmetrical last, the Alpha is ideal for beginner or as a comfortable and inexpensive second pair.

  • Tenaya IndaloAn aggressively shaped shoe providing superb responsiveness, Indalo gives you maximum control over micro-edges while providing full sensitivity.

  • Tenaya TantaBorrowing many features from Tenaya's top-of-the-range models, the TANTA offers exceptional comfort and excellent performance with a moderately downturned toe box.

  • Evolv KronosEngineered for the climber with a comfortable fit without sacrificing performance.

  • Evolv Kira: All-around climbing shoe designed for the climber that has a lower volume and narrower foot and built to excel on vertical and off-vertical faces.

  • Evolv Phantom & Phantom LVThe Phantom was designed for the technical climber who needs equal sensitivity and power from a their climbing shoe.


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