La Sportiva G-Tech Mountaineering Boot Review

La Sportiva G-Tech Mountaineering Boot Review

Author: Eric H.


The evolution of ice climbing and mountaineering gear has been focused on light weight ice screws and technical tools that can handle steep terrain. Ice, mixed, and alpine climbing standards have slowly improved as each generation of climbers learn from the last. The demand for technical boots that can perform in highly technical terrain has increased and La Sportiva has responded with the G-tech.

In the 1990’s, ice climbers were often seen rocking plastic Koflach boots that were warm and burly but lacked articulation, freedom of movement, and felt like bowling balls on the end of your legs. At 4 lbs 11 oz, let's just say things have improved! Jump forward 30 years and the G-tech weighs 620g per boot.


The G-tech is a 4-season boot aimed at ice climbers and alpinists who value technical performance. This boot isn't for everyone, though. If you’re standing around Haffner Creek in -30C this isn't the boot for you. If you’re a working ice guide this would be your personal boot, pick the G-tech out of your closet for days when “The French Maid” comes into condition or when you are attempting “Slipstream” in a single push. The G-Tech is for you If you plan on pursuing technical ascents, value weight reduction, and enjoy moving freely over terrain.

The team at La Sportiva has taken much loved components of their G5 boot, such as the BOA fit closure system and the patented overlap construction of the Heat-Tech inner shell, and combined them with new weight reducing materials. Most notable are the LiteBase on the front for a 30% weight saving and SpringLug Tech on the rear for increased traction, cushioning, and comfort. 

The G-Tech follows the modern style of single supergaiter design with a very stiff midsole to ensure a rigid platform for excellent crampon stability, making them very suitable for mixed climbing and hard ice.

Tech Specs

  • Boa System - Easy to adjust internal volume with gloves on.
  • Inner Boots - 6mm PE + EVA Single Density foam / Flex Zone Inserts
  • Sole - Vibram Litebase at the front. Vibram SpringLug Tech at the back
  • Insole - 5mm Carbon Z-Therm™ insulating carbon
  • Shell - Core wrap with anti-abrasion, protective trim, and waterproof gusset
  • Fit - Regular


The G-tech’s heel and sole are resoleable. This not only reduces the environmental impact, but climbers can replace the damage done by horrible shale slope descents.

Size Range

Euro 36 - 48 / US 5.5 - 15

Boot Details


  1. TPU inserts for crampon attachment
  2. Vibram Springlug - Rubber sidewall with a low density polyurethane insert
  3. Impact Brake System™ 


  1. Ice-Tech™ Tread
  2. Vibram Litebase on climbing zone platform
  3. Vibram Springlug


  1. Internal core-wrap
  2. 6mm Polyethylene
  3. Velcro closure
  4. Elasticized upper band


  1. Water resistant zipper
  2. Thermoplastic Polyurethane abrasion guard
  3. Protective Trim made from Techlite™
  4. BOA Closure System

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