New Arrivals Spring 2024

New Arrivals Spring 2024

What’s New In-Store?

The new 2024 toys have started arriving. There are too many to show them all, so we picked out a few of our favourites. Watch Climb On staff member Eric H as he introduces a few things he’ll be adding to his gear closet this year.

Vapor Helmet - This ultra-lightweight helmet is now even lighter with a protective crown covering the top. But the main improvement is the new foam that is harder to dent and rebounds better.

Sewn Anchor Sling - Essentially, it's the quad anchor we all know and love but sewn so your knots don’t rub against the rock, perfect for bolted multi-pitch anchors.

Attache SL Carabiner - Petzl HAD to eventually make a round stock carabiner for smoother rope handling! The new Attache is perfect for the rope side when top belaying with an auto-blocking device on a multi pitch, for rappelling, or just a good old-fashioned munter hitch.

Rocha Screwgate Carabiner - At 45g, this is the lightest full-strength pear-shaped carabiner you can buy. It even comes with holes.

Custom Spirit Quickdraws - Pick the color combination you want, the length you want, and have a setup just for you. The Spirit quickdraw has been the benchmark for sport draws for years.

Skaha Harness - Let's face it, on a hot day harnesses are sweaty, and the combination of materials that make a waistband almost always doesn't breathe. The new Skaha harness for men and women actually allows airflow.

Plus a few cool new devices that are coming soon…

The Edelrid Pinch - We are excited to test this new brake-assisted device. It's made from steel so it lasts longer, it lowers in a straight line to reduce rope tangles, and connects directly to your harness or anchor.

The Petzl Neox - Combines a cam and a wheel into one internal mechanism allowing easy rope feeding but offering brake assistance when catching.

Drop by the store or check out the new arrivals online.

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