Portable Training Products

Portable Training Products

Watch product Manager Yuki Kuroda break down the selection of portable training products we have available.

These devices fall into two major categories.

Pick Up (aka No Hang) Training Devices  

     Training devices where you “pick up” the weight and don't hang, have a few advantages. This style of training device allows you to incrementally increase the load, calculate an exact load each time, isolate individual hands or fingers and it also reduces back and shoulder strain, thereby being excellent for injury rehab.

    Portable hangboards

      Similar to a regular hangboard but can be used without attaching it to a wall. These devices can be taken to the crag, used on road trips and are often used in opposition to your feet to generate load on the fingers and forearms. Ideal for warming up at the crag. 


      Once you have selected a portable training product consider adding a lifting pin to make the process of adding weight easier to manage. This simple tool can be used with either hangboards or with pick-up tools. 

      Ingeniously the lifting pin can be combined with a Pin Grip and Fractional weights which then double as a wrist rotator trainer, an excellent way to avoid elbow injuries.

      Whether you are living in a van, have no space at home to hang up a board, or just want an effective warm-up and training tool, drop by the store to see which is best for you.

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