The Progressor 200 - Track Your Finger Strength

The Progressor 200 - Track Your Finger Strength


The Progressor 200 is a portable training tool designed to track climbers' finger strength.
This new sleek device, scientifically known as a dynamometer, calculates your muscular strength with precise force readings while training. It is lightweight, robust and seamlessly connects to your smartphone.

Join ACMG Rock Guide and trainer Kinley Aitken as she walks us through how she uses the Progressor from Tindeq.

Training for climbing has become commonplace with an ever-increasing array of tools available. The Progressor 200 is ideal for travelling and measuring precise forces without the need for weights. Combined with a finger block, such as The Block from Tension Climbing, climbers can train almost anywhere. 

What is the Tindeq?

The Progressor 200 is a device that measures the force climbers generate when they pull, specifically aimed at fingers. It connects via Bluetooth to an easy-to-use app on your phone with a variety of functions to help you train including:

  • Max Pull (Peak Load)
  • Max Hang
  • Endurance
  • Repeaters (Set a program with pull time and rest times)

Use the data to track your progress from day to day, while warming up or track long-term progression in pull strength. Record and store the data over time to provide a baseline from season to season or while recovering from an injury.

Who is the Progressor for?

Suitable for anyone who wants to track their progress from beginners to seasoned climbing professionals.

Thank you to Kinley for helping Climb On Equipment explain
this amazing innovative little tool.

If you want to know more about the services Kinley offers please visit:

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