Boreal manufactures all its models of climbing shoes and mountain boots in Spain. They are proud to produce all of their footwear in Villena, Alicante. While some of their processes are mechanized, their footwear remains handmade and this is reflected in the finished product. The defining deeply rooted characteristic of Boreal is their passion for technological improvement and innovation. 
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      Boreal, making history with the Firé

      In the 1970s, Boreal pursued a research program aimed at producing a higher-performance climbing shoe by developing the first rubber compound specifically for climbing. In 1979 Boreal designed the Firé made famous in the U.S. by Yosemite climber and free-soloist John Bachar.

      Following the introduction of the Firé, Boreal became a difficult company to beat. Their sticky rubber compound had truly revolutionized the sport allowing climbers to move with improved confidence on the rock.

      We find most people size at street shoe size to one size down.