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La Sportiva

      La Sportiva's mission is to bring you the best technical products to explore the outdoors. La Sportiva has been producing innovative products for over 90 years from the foothills of the Italian Dolomites where their hand-crafted products come from a strong passion for the mountains and the environment.
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      The La Sportiva Logo

      The La Sportiva logo features a stylized representation of a mountain peak inside a square frame. The design of this logo is meant to reflect the brand's association with outdoor activities, particularly climbing, mountaineering, and hiking. The mountain peaks within the logo represent the challenges and adventures that await outdoor enthusiasts in mountainous terrain. It also signifies the brand's commitment to producing products that are well-suited for rugged and demanding outdoor environments.

      The La Sportiva brand

      La Sportiva is a renowned Italian outdoor footwear and equipment manufacturer, particularly famous for its high-quality climbing and mountaineering products. The company has a strong reputation among climbers and outdoor enthusiasts for several reasons:

      1. Climbing Shoes: La Sportiva is widely recognized for its climbing shoe designs. They produce a wide range of climbing shoes tailored to various climbing styles, from bouldering and sport climbing to traditional climbing and alpinism. Their shoes are known for their innovative technology, precision fit, and excellent performance on a variety of terrain.
      2. Mountaineering Boots: La Sportiva manufactures durable and high-performance mountaineering boots suitable for both alpine and Himalayan expeditions. These boots are designed to withstand extreme cold, high altitudes, and challenging terrain.
      3. Trail Running Shoes: The company offers a line of trail running shoes that are popular among trail runners and ultramarathoners for their lightweight design, traction, and comfort.
      4. Technical Apparel: La Sportiva also produces technical clothing and apparel for outdoor activities, including climbing, hiking, and trail running. Their clothing is designed to provide functionality, comfort, and protection in various conditions.
      5. Innovative Technology: La Sportiva invests in research and development, leading to the creation of cutting-edge technologies such as Impact Brake System (IBS) for improved traction on descents, Vibram soles for superior grip, and Gore-Tex membranes for waterproof and breathable performance.
      6. Heritage: The company has a long history dating back to 1928 when it was founded in Italy. Over the decades, La Sportiva has built a strong heritage and a loyal following among outdoor enthusiasts.
      7. Commitment to Sustainability: La Sportiva is committed to environmental sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices. They have initiatives in place to reduce their environmental impact and promote responsible production.
      8. Global Presence: La Sportiva products are distributed worldwide and are available in many countries, making them accessible to climbers and outdoor enthusiasts on a global scale.

      Overall, La Sportiva's reputation in the outdoor industry is built on a combination of innovation, quality, and a deep understanding of the needs of climbers, mountaineers, and outdoor adventurers, which has made the brand a go-to choice for many in the outdoor community.

      La Sportiva recommends sizing down 1-3 full EUR sizes from a standard EUR street shoe size depending on personal preference and intended use.  We find most customers are happy downsizing 1-2 sizes.