Founder Sang Lee, former head of development Five Ten, gathered a top-tier team of ex-Five Ten experts with over 20 years of experience to create Unparallel in 2017. Unparallel is best known for its innovative climbing shoe designs, initially revamping Five Ten classics and evolving them into a unique, ever-expanding range. Unparallel Climbing Shoes maintain a similar fit to the original Five Ten models, appealing to long-time fans with their lower volume and narrower forefoot design.

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      Unparallel Rubber and Shoe Fit

      Unparallel Climbing Shoes offers a variety of specialized rubber compounds to suit different climbing needs. Each compound is designed to provide unique benefits for various climbing styles and terrains. Here are the details:

      Real Honor (RH)

      Real Honor (RH) is an excellent all-around rubber compound. It provides good grip on overhangs, excellent traction on vertical climbs, and performs well on edges. This versatile compound makes RH ideal for climbers who need a balance between friction and durability.

      Example Shoes:

      • Unparallel Quibit: This model uses RH rubber for its exceptional versatility, making it suitable for both steep overhangs and technical vertical routes. The shoe's aggressive profile combined with RH rubber allows climbers to tackle diverse terrains with confidence.
      • Unparallel Up Rise Pro: Another great example, featuring RH rubber to deliver outstanding performance on a variety of climbing styles.

      Real Supreme (RS)

      Real Supreme (RS) is the softest rubber compound offered by Unparallel. It provides maximum sensitivity and excellent friction on low-load smears, making it perfect for ultra-steep overhangs and delicate foot placements. The RS compound allows climbers to feel and respond to the rock with greater precision.

      Example Shoes:

      • Unparallel Flagship Women: This shoe is equipped with RS rubber, offering climbers incredible sensitivity and friction for tackling steep, overhanging routes. 

      Real Advanced (RA)

      Real Advanced (RA) is a rubber compound made for durability and hardness. It is ideal for precision edging and provides improved durability over the RS and RH compounds. The RA compound is perfect for climbers who demand long-lasting performance and support.

      Example Shoes:

      • Unparallel Newtro Lace: This model incorporates RA rubber, providing climbers with the durability and hardness needed for precision edging.
      • Rock Guide Approach Shoe: A rock guide approach shoe from UnParallel, this shoe has been constructed using a durable toe rand for added protection and friction. 

      Experience the unique advantages of each rubber compound with Unparallel Climbing Shoes. Whether you need an all-around performer, maximum sensitivity, or precision edging.

      We find the Unparallel rubber particularly suitable for granite and noticeably stickier on the rock here in Squamish

      Unparallel recommends sizing the same as your US street shoe size or 1/4 size up or down depending on personal preference or intendend use.  We find most people size at street shoe size or 1/2 size up or 1/2 size down.