Special Community Discounts

We are happy to offer a 15% Community Appreciation Discount to certain professions and volunteers maintaining the sports and communities that we live and play in. 

A Bulk Hardware Discount is also available to volunteers of access groups and individual route developers to help ease the financial burden of developing and maintaining our crags.

15% Community Appreciation Discount

In an effort to recognize the role that certain professions and volunteers have in maintaining the sports and communities that we live and play in, we are happy to offer a 15% Community Appreciation Discount to our critical service providers that train or help keep us safe at home and when we're recreating outdoors. 

Discount Requirements

  1. Valid Professional Id identifying your eligibility is required for all in-store purchases.
  2. Discount is applicable to all regular priced products. Discounts cannot be stacked or combined with other discounts and special offers.
  3. Discount applies to purchases for your own personal and professional use or as gifts for your immediate family (spouse/common law partner and children under 19 living in the same household).
  4. Discount is valid In-Store only, and is not valid online.
  5. Discount cannot be applied to past purchases.

Who is this for?

ACMG Rock & Ski Guide Assistant Level (or higher certification)

Good gear needs to be paired with good training. Because you play a crucial role in educating and training people in the mountains, we would like to extend this offer to you. Thank you for this service!

Canadian First Responders

This special offer is eligible to outdoor emergency service personnel, including Provincial Firefighters, Police Officers, Paramedics, EMT's, Search and Rescue and Coast Guard.

Not only do you help keep us safe in our communities, you are often on-call to respond to outdoor emergencies where we recreate. We thank you for this service!

Canadian Armed Forces

Our special offer is available to active members of the armed forces. Your dedication to National and Local safety is much appreciated!

Bulk Hardware Discount

Climb On Equipment values the countless hours of volunteer work that access groups and individual route developers alike put into equipping new routes, crags and keeping existing routes safe for our community. This arduous work is a true labour of love, often financed out of pocket by the individual route developer.

To help ease the financial burden of developing and maintaining crags, Climb On Equipment is offering a bulk discount.

Who is this for?

This bulk discount is intended for the maintenance of Canadian rock climbing areas and additionally for new route development in Canada. It is available to any access groups, societies or individuals who are developing routes or working towards the upkeep of crags, routes or climbing areas.

What is the discount and what are the rules?

Receive a discount off bulk purchase of route development gear with a minimum order of $500 after-discount.  (E.g. $625 order subtotal -20% = $500)

After Discount Order Size


$500 - $999


$1000 - $2499


> $2500



Route development gear is limited to fixed anchors, hangers, rap rings, steel carabiners, chains, scrub brushes and other route development equipment. Please contact our Pro Team and they will provide a full list of available hardware. Special order requests do not qualify for this discount. Other rock climbing equipment and personal gear is not included in this offer (E.g. harnesses, cams, quickdraws, etc).

Shipping is not included in this offer. Store Pickup is available or a Shipping Quote can be provided.

The Fine Print

  1. Pricing is based on the current retail price minus discount; discount applies to regular price items only and does not apply to sale items.
  2. Prices may change unexpectedly and prices are not guaranteed.
  3. Quotes from our Pro Team are valid for 7 days only.
  4. Quotes are not a guarantee of stock availability.
  5. Orders must be over $500, after discount, per invoice and the transaction handled by 1 customer contact.
  6. Payment is due before shipping to a valid Canadian address.
  7. Shipping costs are additional.
  8. We do not accept returns unless we shipped an item in error or it qualifies for a manufacturer's warranty.
  9. You may backorder currently out-of-stock items. If a backorder is open for 60 days, we will first try to substitute it with a similar item, however the customer would be responsible for any price difference if they accept. If after 60 days the item is not in-stock and no suitable substitution can be found, we reserve the right to cancel that backorder and give the customer a full refund for those items. No "rain checks" will be given to qualify for the discount again later when the item is back in-stock. You will need to meet the $500 criteria on the new order.

How do you apply?

Customers can email their orders to prosales@climbonequipment.com. The Pro Team will generate a quote and collect payment prior to shipping.

When can you apply?

This offer is valid year-round with no order deadlines. Please allow up to 3 business days to receive a response from our Pro Team; our Professional Sales Manager will reply as soon as possible.